The Pinkman family presents quality training programs of significant value. Our classes are organized, structured, and systematic. Everyone is equally important and deserves personal attention. We are honored that players from Va Beach to Baltimore and Maryland Eastern Shore to West Virginia choose to train at our Academy. Players have high expectations of our program. At Pinkman you receive an education and not just practice the same skills. Each year we grow with our students increasing our teaching technologies and course content. We make a commitment to bring to you the latest baseball training through our continued education.

Fundamentals are important. Equally important are advanced strategies and tactics needed in competitive play. Planned Pre-Pitch and Pre-at-Bat approaches are valuable assets in your development. Mental and Emotional Power are as important as Physical Power. Discover power in your swing you knew should be there but has been hidden. Develop control of off speed pitches – learn a new one! Let’s plan a productive season – Together. What do YOU need?

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