Post-Season Preparation

All-Star Do’s and Don’ts   This list is not new. We have been saying this for years. It’s good sound advice from a lot of people who make their business to do this well.   Please Don’t Do not expect to take a group of children that have been practicing once a week and turn.. read more →

11 Jun 2015
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The Gunslinger Move; LHP Pick-off (3/3)

The Gunslinger Move Anyone that knows me knows that I love playing shortstop, never mind the minor obstacle that I am left- handed. Growing up all I wanted to do was be Cal Ripken Jr, it was my destiny to play shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles. So naturally any chance I got I went to.. read more →

14 Apr 2015
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The Left Handed Pick Off Move (2/3)

The Mechanics of a Great Angle Pick Off Move In the first part of this series along with how to control the running game, we discussed the rule governing the left-handed pick off move and how umpires interpret it. We constantly see players that have learned a great pick off move and the umpire views.. read more →

17 Mar 2015
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The Left Handed Pick Off Move (1/3)

Patrick Pinkman has been a teaching professionally for 13 years and he is currently the Fordham University Assistant Coach/Pitching Coach. In his college career as a LHP at Virginia Tech and Co-Pitcher of the Year in the Cape Cod Baseball League, he became nationally known for his outstanding pickoff move. He shattered the career pickoff.. read more →

03 Mar 2015
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Are You Coaching, Instructing, Training, or Teaching?

Coach – noun, an athletic instructor or trainer Instructor – noun, a person who teaches something. Trainer – noun, a person who trains athletes; coach. Teacher – noun, a person who teaches or instructs, especially as a profession; instructor. Starting around the year 2000 we began doing more work with Tom House. At the time,.. read more →

22 Feb 2015
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Are Your Players Game Savvy?

With the Baseball and Softball ready to begin next week in Northern Virginia I found this great blog post from Coach Lisle mentions little things that commonly go unnoticed while you are watching a college or pro game. These “little things” are tasks performed by players that if taught early allows the pace of.. read more →

18 Feb 2015
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Prepare Your Players For Extreme Playing Conditions

Playing in Cold Weather Baseball is the perfect sport to enjoy in perfect weather. There’s nothing quite like lacing up your spikes and taking the field when the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the thermometer reads about 75 degrees. Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not always oblige us with ideal playing conditions. As.. read more →

06 Feb 2015
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Are You A 30 min Coach Or A 60 min Teacher

After being in the baseball business since 2000 we repeatedly get asked if we do 30 min lessons. One of my recent responses to a parent was that 30 min lessons are a colossal waste of time and money. There are times when it can take us 30 mins just to get players warmed up. We.. read more →

29 Jan 2015
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How To Reduce Injuries In Pitchers/Throwers

Although we have been teaching pitching in Northern Virginia since 1992 it wasn’t until the explosion of Travel Baseball in 2000 that we began to notice more players visiting us due to injuries occurring while pitching during games. Between 2000 and 2005 the injuries we began to see were mostly due to improper mechanics, and.. read more →

14 Jan 2015
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Six Ways To Be A Better Coach

While reading Daniel Coyle’s book “The Little Book Of Talent” we came across chapter Tip #42 – Six ways to be a better coach. Coyle’s take on coaching isn’t about having the most information or best strategy as much as explaining to adults how to connect better with their players. While teaching lessons and small.. read more →

08 Jan 2015
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