College Marketing Class

“Marketing Yourself To College Ball”

Since 2000 we have helped to send over 200 players on to college. Parents and players report that it was the most significant aid in their search for a collegiate home. Each year dynamic parent input has helped us refine and make the class a valuable experience. The addition of parents creates an environment that produces an entertaining process of learning how the colleges recruit. The discussion format answers all your questions.

The recruiting trail can be intimidating, confusing and expensive. You will learn how to incorporate professional methods and tailor them into a specific and individual process to choose a college. The course structure and accompanied work book provide proven methods of research and analysis in understanding the collegiate athletic process and lifestyle.

**Note…. This is a 3 day class will offered in November**


Here are just a few of the 250+ Pinkman Alumni student athletes who are playing baseball in college: 

  • JB Bukauskas – UNC
  • George Capen – Holly Cross
  • Zach Engelmann – Lynchburg
  • Bryan Even – St. Anselm College
  • Bret Padula – Catholic Univ
  • Cal Jadacki – St. Joseph’s Univ
  • Chase Plebani – Davidson  
  • Drew Nirenburg – Washington & Lee Univ
  • Jack Brown – MIT
  • Jackson Stoner – Stevens Institute of Tech
  • Jamie Progebin – Macalester College
  • Joe Alisi – Macalester College
  • Greg Duncan – UVA Wise
  • Brett Kreyer – Lafeyette College
  • Kaden Darrow – Marymount


This class will teach players to:

  • Develop a criteria of judgment as to where they want to attend college
  • As time progresses, prioritize that criteria
  • Research and assess college program personnel and future player requirements
  • Assess very competitive educational opportunity by leveraging athletic skill
  • Evaluate personal ability vs. collegiate competitive level
  • Write an introductory letter, prepare an athletic resume
  • Organizational and strategic skills for managing the recurring process
  • Learn how to communicate with college coaches and administrators
  • Create a timeline of available personal and family travel time
  • Strategies for campus visits and interviews
  • Selection of exposure opportunities and specific personal value
  • Financial challenges and scholarships
  • Take advantage of our extensive relationships with college coaches

This 3 day 90 min course will meet on Sundays at Diamond Elite on Nov 1, 8, & 22. The family fee of $150 includes the college marketing workbook. Both parents and players are all encouraged to attend together.


Parent Quotes –

“I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know. But we are totally amazed at how much we all learned in such a short time.”

“In retrospect I can’t possibly imagine living through this tedious process without this class. I wish we had know this when our daughter was in high school!”

“Fascinating, I now understand why my son was so frozen to act.”

“This course was very important to my husband and me whether my daughter plays in college or not.”

“We learned that we waited too long to act; thought our coach would help. We are on target now. We will be able to make a better decision and will not waste time!”

This 3 day 90 min course will meet on Sundays at the Pinkman Academy on Nov 24, Dec 8, & Dec 15, and includes parents and player. The family fee of $125 includes the college marketing workbook.

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