Sunday Swings (13-18 y.o players)

Every Sunday in April & May bring your teammates, friends, cross town rivals to keep your competitive swing intact. Using the HitTrax simulator players will compete in HitTrax or Quality Hit games, improving on their situational hitting, and fine tuning their contact accumulating points for every ball put in play. Time is TBA

Just as the MLB used StatCast to track Bryce Harper’s hits, we have HitTrax. Using the HitTrax players can instantly track their Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, and Distance. Players age 13-18 will be able to play, train, refine, and develop their skills every Sunday during the season.



Friday Night Live (9-14 y.o players)

Every Friday in April & May at 7pm.

Looking for more in game at-bats? Join our Friday Night Live class to gain more in-game hitting opportunities. Sure your ball player takes batting practice with their teams but are they learning how to hit tactically for the given situations they experience in the games? Many batting practice sessions include 10 to 15 pitches in a batting cage, rarely on the field, with a coach throwing hoping to get the entire team reps before his arm gets sore. Join our HitTrax Friday Night Live Class to improve on your player’s situational hitting and have fun doing it!

We haven’t met a ball player in the last 10 years who doesn’t like video games. Our HitTrax unit is a complete interactive hitting simulator with live game capabilities. Players get to actually hit a ball and instantly see the flight of the ball, their exit velocity, and the results of their hit……all indoors! Players will experience competing in their choice of MLB stadiums, Williamsport immediately see how the ball travels off the bat and view whether it was a hit, out, double play, extra base hit, and even hit homeruns!!

**Registration Note** You must sign-in separately for each class. For example: Just because you register for one Friday doesn’t not mean you are signed up for all Friday classes.





To make scheduling even easier download our Pinkman Scheduling app!




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