Pitcher’s Pickoff Class

Join us in January and February for a 1 hour LHP & RHP PICKOFF CLASS.

The content in this one day class will focus on the unique and powerful responsibilities of developing a Pickoff move. The ideal candidate for participating in this clinic will be a pitcher who is currently playing on the 50/70 or 60/90 foot field.

This detailed class will examine the competitive aspects that challenge LHPs & RHPs and the potential strategies of how they are able to dramatically affect the game. During this 1 hour session we will study each pitcher’s pickoff move from the perspective of the runner. Individuals will be instructed how to deceptively stay within the guidelines of the rule book and minimize a base runner’s lead.

Perhaps the most confusing aspect for a left-handed pitcher are the balk rules. We will discuss how to deal with the distraction of apposing coaches screaming “balk! balk!”, how to talk to umpires, and completely detail the actual rules.
Prior to the season starting is a great time of the year to learn, develop, and yes perfect, these unique skills.

Pickoff Class Fee $40

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