Winter Camps

Our 2019 Winter Camps & Class schedule will be available in October. Scroll through our 2018 schedule below to view what we offered last year. 

If you have questions about the camps, times, or registration don’t hesitate to call or email us. Over the years we have worked to create more advanced learning opportunities by offering a variety of courses. Read below to view our new drop-in style class and camp offerings.

  • High School Pitching Classes

  • High School Winter Workout (HWW) Pitching Camps for players ages 14-18

  • Pinkman Pitching Camps (ages 11-14)

  • Pinkman Hitting Camps for players (ages 11-18)

  • Softball Hitting Camp (ages 10-14)

  • Academy Pitching Camps (ages 8-11)

  • Academy Hitting Camps for players (ages 8-11)


  • High School Pitching, Offspeed, or Pickoff Classes

Our 1-hr “drop-in” style Winter Pitching Classes will focus on making mechanical adjustments; introducing and improving on Off-Speed Pitches; and/or developing and refining RHP and LHP Pickoff moves. Players may attend one or several of the classes offered, there is no long-term commitment. Classes will begin at the start of December and run through February.

These new Winter Pitching Classes are designed to provide players the opportunity to learn new skills or to fine-tune their existing abilities in a small group environment to prepare for the start of the high school season on February 20th. We have created these drop-in style, small group (4 players max), classes to allow players who attend our camps or private lessons the chance to take part in a second or third development opportunity with us during the week to enhance their training.

Our Winter Pitching Classes also serve as make-up opportunities for players who miss High School Winter Workout or High School Prep Camp sessions.

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**Purchased Winter Pitching Classes  expire on Feb 20**

Single Class Fee $405 pack Class Fee $175


  • High School Pitching Classes (ages 13-18)

Ideal for players looking to refine their mechanics, discuss in-game pitching strategies, and create a multi-day throwing routine. This class will also provide players additional opportunities to throw during the indoor only cold weather days the winter presents.

January and FebruaryTuesdays, Thursdays


  • Off-speed Classes (ages 13-18)

Will introduce, maintain, and refine the development of Change-ups, Cut-Fastballs, and Curveballs.

January and FebruarySaturdaysTBA


  • Pickoff Classes (ages 13-18)

Introduce and improve on RHP’s and LHP’s pickoff moves to first and second base.**Left Handed Pitchers who have never worked with us on their pickoff move**….this is the perfect opportunity to learn the controversial (yet effective!!) 45* pickoff move performed by Julio Urias of the LA Dodgers.

January and FebruarySundaysTBA


  • High School Winter Workout (HWW) Pitching Camp

– Pitchers ages 14-18 will work in groups of 4 with a Pinkman instructor for 7-weeks focusing on proper warm up, functional strength training, mechanical instruction, and pitch development. A complete JC Video throwing analysis of each player will be conducted upon the first session; and will be available to view video throughout the winter.

During our 2 hour workouts, players can expect to have:

  • 30-minutes to properly warm-up (learn functional strength and balance drills, develop a J-band stretch cord routine, improve agility)
  • 30-minutes to perform throwing drills, learn off-speed pitches, and/or develop a pitching strategy
  • 30-minutes for throwing a professional bull-pen
  • 30-minutes for charting pitches in their velocity-pen

How to warm up and prepare to throw. You may notice at the Pinkman Academy, we empahsize this a lot! This critical phase of training is important to transfer new instruction onto the playing field. Most athletes at any age, when left on their own, will not warm up properly. We use the same techniques recommended by physical therapists to prepare players for the spring season. The doctors we have worked with over the past 18 years indicate the majority of sore arms can be avoided by proper conditioning.

HWW Camp Fee: $385

HWWSat 1/6/201812p-2pFULL
HWWSat 1/6/20183p-5pFULL
HWWSun 1/7/20189a-11aFULL

  • Pinkman Pitching Camp 7-weeks

Our 7-week Pinkman Pitching Camps are ideal for pitchers ranging in age from 11-14 who have previously attended private lessons or camps with the Pinkman Academy. This camp is optimal for players who already throw 55%-65% strikes, are looking to refine their pitching skills, and learn more about the mental and strategic aspects of pitching.

During the 60-minute sessions we will identify and improve on a pitcher’s advanced pitching mechanics, develop a weekly pitching routine in preparation for the spring season, create an in-game pitching strategy, and learn to throw age-appropriate off-speed pitches. A complete video evaluation using the JC Video analyzer will be conducted upon the first session. — Class size: 4 players with 1 Pinkman Instructor

Pinkman Pitching Camps Instructor: Jeff Pinkman

Pinkman Pitching Camp Fee: $315

Pinkman Pitching CampsMon 1/8/20185p-6pFULL
Pinkman Pitching CampsWed 1/3/20186p-7pFULL
Pinkman Pitching CampsSun 1/7/20183p-4pFULL


  • Pinkman Hitting Camps (7-weeks)

Looking for more in-game at-bats during the winter? Join our 7-week Pinkman Hitting Camp to gain more in-game hitting opportunities. Four players will begin each session enhancing their ability to hit line drives with more power in to the outfield successfully. Throughout the 7-week 60-minute sessions we will introduce our exclusive Pinkman training drills, HitTrax, and develop a more strategic approach to hitting. Players will learn the how’s, why’s, and when’s that a hitter should be pulling the ball, driving it back up the middle, or purposely hitting the ball to the opposite field.

Sure every player takes batting practice with their team, but are they learning how to hit tactically for the given situations they experience in the games? Many batting practice sessions are rarely on the field these days, and while our sessions will be indoors our HitTrax Simulator will allow players to see how fast the ball is moving off the bat, how far the ball is actually going, and if they are truly accomplishing their goals of driving the ball for base hits.

Our HitTrax simulator gives players real time feedback with live game capabilities. Hitters will be able to practice and compete during our sessions creating an in-game feel during their training. Games will be players in a variety MLB stadiums and Williamsport to see how far the ball travels off the bat and view whether it was a hit, out, double play, or extra base hit.

Pinkman Hitting Camps instructor: Jeff Pinkman

Pinkman Hitting Camp Fee: $315

Pinkman HittingWed 1/3/185p-6pFULL
Pinkman HittingWed 1/3/188p-9pFULL
Pinkman Hitting Fri 1/5/188p-9pFULL
Pinkman HittingSat 1/6/1811a-12pFULL
Pinkman HittingSat 1/6/201812p-1pFULL
Pinkman HittingSat 1/6/20182p-3pFULL
Pinkman HittingSun 1/7/20182p-3pFULL



  • Softball Hitting Camps (7-weeks)

During this 7 week camp players ages 10-13 will meet for 1 hour once a week. The day and time you register for your players will be the day and time they attend for the 7 sessions in January and February.

Pinkman Hitting camps will concentrate on changing the way you swing a bat to improve power and distance on the ball. These camps are for players looking to increase their batting average and hit the ball in to the outfield over the winter. The drill work performed in the earlier stages of the camp will reinforce the proper body movements to get the path of the bat on plane with the oncoming pitch to create a more consistent swing

Upon the first sessions players will review hitting mechanics through our JC Video mobile station, and concentrate heavily on drill work. — Class size: 3 players with 1 Pinkman Instructor

Softball hitting instructor: Jeff Pinkman

Hitting Camp Fee $315

Softball Hitting (ages 10-14)Sat 1/7/184p-5pFULL
Softball Hitting (ages 10-14)Mon 1/8/20186p-7pFULL
Softball Hitting (ages 10-14)Mon 1/8/20187p-8pFULL
Softball Hitting (ages 10-14)Mon 1/8/20188p-9pFULL
Softball Hitting (ages 10-14)Wed 1/10/187p-8pFULL

  • Academy Pitching Camps (7-weeks)

Academy Pitching Camps are ideal for all pitchers ages 8-11. During the 1-hour sessions we will identify and improve upon a pitcher’s basic pitching mechanics. Players will learn to throw to specific locations, pitch from the stretch and windup, and develop a safe, effective, and consistent throwing motion with the goal of throwing 60% strikes or more. A complete video evaluation using the JC Video analyzer will be conducted during the first session. Players on travel teams, playing “big league” rules, will be introduced to pickoffs and holding runners on-base. — Class size: 3 players with 1 Pinkman Instructor

Academy Pitching Camps Instructor: Jason Tate

Academy Pitching Camp Fee: $315

Academy Pitching (ages 8-11)Thurs 1/4/188p-9pFULL
Academy Pitching (ages 8-11)Fri 1/5/187p-8pFULL
Academy Pitching (ages 8-11)Sat 1/6/20181p-2pFULL
Academy Pitching (ages 8-11)Sat 1/6/20183p-4pFULL
Academy Pitching (ages 8-11)Sun 1/7/20181p-2pFULL
Academy Pitching (ages 8-11)Sun 1/7/20182p-3pFULL


  • Academy Hitting Camps (7-weeks)

In our January Academy Hitting Camps, players ages 8-11 will meet for 7-weeks, once a week for 60-minutes. In a small 3-player group, our staff will introduce our exclusive Pinkman training drills, baseball specific vision training, advanced hitting strategies, and Major League swing mechanics. Players will receive a full JC Video swing analysis during the first session, and work toward developing a more powerful swing to increase distance and get those extra base hits. Pinkman hitting camps will improve your batting average and slugging percentage over the winter. The drill work performed each week will reinforce the proper body movements to consistently get a player’s swing path on plane with the oncoming pitch. — Class size: 3 players with 1 Pinkman Instructor

Academy Hitting Camps Instructor: Jason Tate

Hitting Camp Fee: $315

Academy Hitting (ages 8-11)Thurs 1/4/186p-7pFULL
Academy Hitting (ages 8-11)Thurs 1/4/187p-8pFULL
Academy Hitting (ages 8-11)Fri 1/5/187p-8pFULL
Academy Hitting (ages 8-11)Sat 1/6/201812p-1pFULL
Academy Hitting (ages 8-11)Sat 1/6/20182p-3pFULL
Academy Hitting (ages 8-11)Sun 1/7/201812p-1pFULL
Academy Hitting (ages 8-11)Sun 1/7/20183p-4pFULL



Questions? Please contact us to see which programs will best fit your athlete.

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