Seasonal Pitching Classes

Weekly Basic Pitching Classes

Our weekly 1 hour Basic Pitching Classes are perfect for advanced and beginner 12 & under pitchers. On Sundays at 2pm and Mondays at 7pm  we will identify and improve on a pitcher’s basic and advanced pitching mechanics. Players will learn to throw to specific locations, pitch from the stretch and windup, and develop a safe, effective, and consistent throwing motion with the goal of throwing 60% strikes or more.

This is a terrific class for pitchers who are new to pitching, have never received instruction outside of their little league experience, or who cannot throw 55%-65% percent strikes. There will be a max of 4 players per class.

**The Basic Pitching Class requires preregistration for each class. You may purchase one session or several sessions through our “Online store” HERE. Please make sure you register your player for a specific date(s).**

You must use the classes you purchase prior to May 31st. These class purchases will expire. Summer and Fall Pitching Class purchases have expired and may not be used for Spring Pitching Classes.

Spring Classes on Sundays and Mondays

  • Single Class — $35
  • 6 pack of classes — $180

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High School Pitching, Off-speed, and Pickoff Classes (began in December)

Our 1hr “drop-in” style Winter Training Classes will focus on creating a throwing routine to prepare for high school practice that begin on Feb 20. Players may attend one or several of the classes offered, there is no long-term commitment. Classes will begin in December and run through February.

Winter Pitching Classes

  • Single Class — $40
  • 5 pack — $175

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