Summer Camps

0a4008d2-e5ea-4804-8676-2fed241a7731Since 2008 we have conducted our Indoor Summer Camps with tremendous success. We have organized specialized sessions due to families wanting more out of summer camps than just a regular basic skills camp (or should we say practice). Our smaller grouped sessions allow us to include video analysis, proper warm up technique, hitting instruction, overhand pitching or throwing instruction, Athletic Leadership training, and HITTRAX! These sessions are a terrific introduction for new players who haven’t attended any private lessons or camps, so bring a friend.

HitTrax brings true educational value to our facility. Comparable to MLB’s Statcast, players can now see how fast the ball is traveling off their bat, how far they hit the ball, and their results. Using HitTrax we have transformed your batting cage experience into an immersive tactical learning hub. Our HitTrax calls balls & strikes, turns rally-killing double plays and scores the winning run on a sacrifice fly. During our camps we can track players training throughout the week and email daily reports.

The Pinkman Academy has known for years that more players will remain playing baseball or softball into their teens if they enjoy more success and self esteem in their early years. Baseball/Softball is all about fun, but failure is not fun. The instruction offered by our summer camps will make a big difference, quickly. Our summer sessions are designed to be instructive and age appropriate. We remain committed to professionalism in teaching and compassionate mentoring.

There are many training schools for you to choose. Pinkman is different. We are a nationally recognized family baseball and softball business since 1992. As fulltime teaching professionals we demonstrate personal care and attention to each student regardless of ability. Our mission statement and core values are posted here. When your child attends of our programs they will improve – GUARANTEED. As has been our policy for over 20 years – YOU WILL DISCOVER THAT THIS IS THE BEST BASEBALL EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE THAT YOU HAVE ENCOUNTERED OR WE WILL RETURN 100% OF YOUR FEE.

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