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Mission Statement

The Pinkman Academy takes responsibility for setting the educational standard for baseball and softball players and coaches. We will instill in our students, that which we require of our selves; a never ending thirst to learn. We will present through our instruction athletic values that honor the game.

Since 1992 our mission has been to provide consistent and dependable personal service throughout the Northern Virginia area. Servicing players daily from all over Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, and West Virginia (Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, Fauquier County, Stafford County, Jefferson County, Orange County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County) our business places a high priority on professional communication. We believe our baseball families deserve the fundamental courtesy of answering emails and promptly returning their calls. We will continually present a clear convenient method of creating appointments. Click here to view our full schedule online. You can sign up for lessons, camps, or classes all from our MindBody Online scheduler.

The game of baseball and softball should be fun. Repeated failure is not fun. The inability to master fundamental skill is a primary reason that children leave the game. We will provide excellent athletic instruction for all students to succeed, regardless of their current skill level. We target individual needs. We will assess and provide solutions for complete physical, mental and emotional development. You will always learn something new when you visit us.

We continue to grow by employing professional teachers who are devoted to our student’s future. We promise and hold ourselves accountable for delivering outstanding results. If you feel we did not meet your needs please let us know and we will refund all of your money back in full.

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The Pinkman Academy, located in Sterling, Virginia, first got its start as Pinkman Pitching in 1992. John, Jeff, and Pat Pinkman were all heavily involved in Reston Youth Baseball. Jeff had just started at South Lakes High School and Pat began at Langston Hughes Middle School. After Jeff and Pat completed their little league days John received calls from little league families asking for help with their sons. We did not have the facilities we currently operate now so John purchased a portable pvc catch net and began making house-calls, arriving in families backyards to teach private lessons.

As John’s client base increased he began teaching at one of the first baseball schools in Northern Virginia, the Mid-Atlantic Sports Complex, where he continued to teach pitching and Jeff first began instructing at 15 years old. During high school Jeff and Pat both played American Legion baseball and John became the pitching coach for the Reston/Herndon Post 184. After high school, Jeff received a scholarship to play baseball at the University of Delaware; John and Pat started one of the first travel teams for 16-18 yr olds in Northern Virginia called the Fairfax County Eagles. Shortly after playing for the Eagles and winning the CABA High School World Series, Patrick received a scholarship to play at Virginia Tech. During college, Jeff earned a degree in Exercise and Sport Science, Patrick was named a TPX Freshman All-American, and John was at work teaching pitchers from 30 different high schools in Northern Virginia.

From 1997 to 2000 John began to study more about the throwing motion from Tom House, Bill Thurston, and the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI). John was first introduced to Tom House and Bill Thurston during the annual “Injuries in Baseball” medical conference conducted by ASMI. While attending the conferences John was exposed to the blueprint of the throwing motion, learning how to reduce injuries and keep players on the field longer through developing a proper throwing and strengthening program.In 2000 John, Jeff, Pat, and Ruth Ann opened Pinkman Pitching in Dulles, Virginia. This facility was design with the pitcher and catcher in mind. In their new home the Pinkmans developed a one of a kind 4 way video system that would capture one throw from 4 different angles at the same time. This system allowed instructors to analyze the throwing motion in detail to help pitchers maximize their potential and reduce the risk of injury.

In August 2001 Jeff visited Tom House in San Diego to attend a Functional Fitness (FF) certification that would incorporate and redefine the way a pitcher “warms-up”. The FF workout allows players to use their bodies from feet to finger tips to loosen and workout the muscles to prepare them to throw a ball. Jeff revisited Tom House in September 2001 (Jeff landed in San Diego on September 10, 2001) to attend the first Advanced Pitching Mechanics Certification. One of Jeff’s classmates was Brent Strom. Brent had played and coached in the MLB. Organizations Brent has worked with over the years are the Kansas City Royals, Montreal Expos, Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals, and is currently the Pitching Coach for the Houston Astros.

Presently, John is a Legal Consultant as Baseball Safety Expert Witness, Jeff manages the day to day operations and teaches at the academy, and Pat is an NCAA Pitching Coach at Seton Hall University.


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Core Values

As Teaching Professionals we take responsibility for providing factual information based on scientific research and acquiring sophisticated teaching technologies. We are committed to a continual effort to increase our personal teaching skills. Our Core Values of Integrity, Dependability, Compassion and Accountability are in place to Honor the Game each day.

Our programs are specifically designed to develop not only athletic skill, but player character and accountability, as well. We believe that players are inherently intelligent and thrive when given factual information, cause and effect relationships and the training to assume the responsibility of field command. Parents are vital in the development of athletes. We welcome their participation and consider them to be students as well as partners in that process. Our business will continue to grow by presenting recognizable educational value to each individual. Players should expect to become better with our guidance and have a good time in the process.

We believe in old school values of commitment to team, positive direction, hard work ethics, athletic discipline, and a professional appearance. We require respect for coaches and parents. We know that these old school values are totally compatible with new school technologies.Excellence is a choice. We choose Excellence!

Leading Edge Technology

Until recently, baseball, especially youth baseball, has not used the evolving technology to its full capacity. The Pinkman Academy will continually invest in the latest technology towards helping players improve. All students who participate in the Pinkman Academy will benefit from our state of the art JC Video Analysis software, HitTrax batting simulator, Pinkman Scheudling App, and Pinkman On Demand provided by Coach Cast. .


If you are interested in sending us a video of your swing or throwing motion Click Here.


Our facilities are designed for serious players with a desire to learn and practice. After 25 years of professional teaching in facilities around Northern Virginia John, Jeff, and Pat Pinkman have created a bright, flexible and safe indoor environment that meets the demands of elite teams, professional instructors or family workouts.

The Pinkman Family is dedicated to personal service. Owned and operated by the Pinkman Family in Loudoun County, Virginia, it is important to us that you feel welcomed and a part of our team. Communications are a vital aspect of the service we provide. We conduct daily business hours in Dulles, Virginia between 4PM and 9PM Monday thru Thurs and between 9AM and 5PM Sat and Sun.

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Professional Training

The Pinkman Academy is a home for players who demand results from professional training and want to experience it in game performance. Our goal was to create an environment for teachers who are committed to the success of their students, whatever their age, and who continue to be actively engaged in developing their knowledge in baseball and the art of instruction. It is a place for those with a sincere love and respect for the game. We offer year round private and group baseball and softball instruction in pitching, catching and hitting servicing players from all over Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Arlington, Prince William County, Fauquier County, Stafford County, West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Are you unable to visit the Pinkman Academy because you live in another state? Click Here to view detailed directions on how to send us a video clip of your throwing motion or swing. Send us your video and we will reply with a full voice-over video analysis.