Success Stories

I just wanted to let you know that the season has started and Joe’s team is 3-0. The hitting camp that we attended over the winter has done wonders for his swing and confidence. Last season ( Fall 2017) Joe went the first 7 games without a hit. So far this season he has gone 4-4 in all three games and had two doubles last game.  This is a tremendous improvement form last season. I would like to get Joe back up there to continue to work on hitting as well as throwing and catching. Let me know if you have some open slots.

Thanks again for all of your hard work and we hope to work with you again soon.———–Scott from Ashburn


Beckett came up to me last night and said “just that one session with Pinkman made a huge difference.  All the pitchers love me.  I’m their favorite catcher.”  Not only did he throw somebody out at second last night (that was not on the game plan, but hey…), but he called timeout to tell his pitcher that he wasn’t following through properly.  That pitcher told the other pitchers how Beckett helped him out. He was already walking with a swagga, but, hey, I guess catchers need to be oozing with confidence! ——- Thank you– Kit from Leesburg


It was an enlightening lesson and well done. Colin understands there is a lot more work to put in and learn, but that is coming from the concepts being presented. Appreciate Jason’s patience and also the motivation he is giving Colin. My son isn’t the most vocal guy, but I can see that he is sincerely trying to think about and implement the mechanics being introduced. Looking forward to next week. —– Andy from Alexandria


Hittrax helped Nathan become from a not so good hitter to a consistently strong hitter.  He made the Vienna All stars this summer and we were all pleasantly surprised that Nathan was one of the consistenly strong hitter for the team.  We have you and Hittrax to thank 🙂 Julie from Vienna

I wanted to thank you for the great experience you gave my son Aiden last week at the hitting camp. He hasn’t been this excited about baseball ever. He finished the season on a high note but you took his confidence to a all time high. I wish I could have been there to learn and listen myself but I am also glad I wasn’t so he had the opportunity to learn from someone other than dad. I think there was some weird lefty connection to. He wanted to go outside and hit everyday after I got home from work to show me what he learned. I have been talking to coach Adin about trying to get the whole team with you at the beginning of the fall season as well. When we can some dates and times worked out we will be in contact if that’s something you can do. Thanks again. — Mike H from Winchester


  • April.…I just wanted to update you on the progress that has come from showing my 7 year old your pitching techniques. We have been doing the drills Last Saturday he had a really good day at the mound striking out 2 players. Not by the player swinging out  but strikes right over the after another . It rallied the team as it prevented any more runs from scoring. This is all the final 4th inning. He then was up to bat with tying run at 3rd and winning run at 2nd. He had a full count , with 2 outs then cracked it into outfield . Everyone was jumping and screaming ,,,,,,,,,,,,until it his fly ball was caught.  It was a blast though. Not all was lost , he got the game ball. More importantly I used the experience to motivate him practice your methods. He’s now excited to do the drills. Later at an after game pool party the coaches asked” what are you teaching him” I just referred them to your website. I am still working with him before we do a video for your review. There are so many missing concepts I don’t know , like how your hands should be grabbing bat? Initial stance on mound? Etc. I just thought y’all should know . Thank you, thank you


  • May…..I’ve been teaching Ronnie your techniques this season with my limited time and effort. He had the highest batting average on his team .613 . He also was on fire during playoffs in pitching. Strikeout after strikeout. I know it’s a team effort but the Pinkman techniques really really made the difference for Ronnies  contribution. I’m not trying to Bragg about Ronnie but just letting and your team know the impact you’ve had. Going forward I’d like to improve on what we can , the fact we’re in California presents its challenges but it’s worked great so far. Thank you thank you thank you .  — Ron from California


Logan has been attending your summer camps for the past 4 years. He has grown immensely both physically and mentally.  He earned the starting catchers job on J.V. as an 8th grader and his leadership skills is what the coaches are the most impressed with. That is because of the training he has had over the past 4 years. Since we live 3.5 hours away, it is hard to do one on one classes. So I thought I would check to see if there any openings for Logan to volunteer to help your staff during one of your camps. I will be more than happy to spend a week there with him as it has become sort of a tradition with he and I during the summer to visit the Pinkman Academy. I think him helping younger kids would help him grow as a leader as well. 

Logan learns so much attending your camps. I am more impressed with his off the field progress. He invokes the Pinkman name on a regular basis. Quick story. We were heading home from Blacksburg one Sunday and stopped off at a Wendy’s in Roanoke. Across the parking lot there was smoke coming from a planter bed with mulch. Logan looks at me and said “what would Pinkman do? So we proceeded to go over and put the fire out. It was a cigarette butt that had ignited the mulch. Just let me know if you come up with something. We enjoy our week at your camps. Thanks again. — Bryan from Lynchburg, Va


Michael took your left-handed pitchers pick-off moves workshop over the holidays and I just wanted to share some positive feedback with you. I was impressed with how you discussed not just the mechanics of the moves when and why to use certain pick off moves in game situations.

Michael has incorporated the gunslinger move and improved on his 45 degree move significantly this season. Even his first baseman has indicated he has trouble telling whether Michael is going to home or to first with his move. In the last game, they were able to pick off a runner that went to second on first movement when Michael threw over to first. Later in the game, he held a runner tight, using both moves several times over the course of a couple of batters to the point that the runner significantly shortened his primary lead. This enabled our catcher to throw him out at second easily when he did indeed try to steal. The article featuring Pat that published this week was very timely – I shared it with Michael. — Nancy from South Riding, Va


HI — just wanted to pass a little update about James to John:  he made varsity!  They had their first scrimmage on Saturday against Gonzaga.  The coach wanted each pitcher to get one inning of work in.  They gave James the second inning, so he faced their 4-5-6 batters.  No pressure!  He did very well.  Threw 13 pitches and he got to use his pick-off move which resulted in a run-down.  Not bad for a freshman — we were pretty proud.  Just thought John might like to know how he did.  They’re buzzing about his cutter and his pick-off move — we have you guys to thank for both!  : )  — Courtney from Washington D.C


Hey guys. Wanted to check in and say hello. I’m not sure if you remember me, but my father and I spent a good deal of time with you guys back in the day. Anyway, I wanted to give you a genuine adult thanks for all the time you guys put in with me and all your students. 

I just moved to Austin, TX and came across the glove I never broke in due to my shoulder injury sophomore year of college. 

Naturally I was forced to travel back a few years in time and thought of how I got my drivers license, learned how to drive on 66 heading West in rush hour traffic twice a week, learned how to pitch and never cut my hair all in that period of time. In a strange way you guys witness and are an integral part of every young mans life who walks through your doors. I’m sure you are aware of this but I thought you may appreciate hearing that and I humbly appreciate your devotion to knowledge/learning and passing that on down the line. Inside and outside of baseball, I remember you all as true gentleman. Yes, some kids do read the books sitting on the table while they wait for their lesson. I have no doubt they’re still there. — Brett from Austin, Tx


Thanks so much for the analysis.  It was exactly what I was looking for and was very helpful. On another note, I also have to thank you for posting the lefty pick off move tutorial.  I give you the credit all the time. James has picked off more kids than I could count and it all goes back to him following your video so thanks again. You guys have great material on your website and I am happy to promote it. — Rob from NYC


Pinkman Baseball was recommended to us over 7 years ago to assist our older son with skills.  At that time,  I brought Jaylen and Justice and another set of brothers to Pinkman from Upper Marlboro, Md for a Baseball Camp.  The experience was outstanding for all involved (including me).  We’d find ourselves rushing back home for games, barely making in time to make the line-up, but the effects of camp were immediately evident.  Though my older son (20 y.o.) stopped playing baseball, I KNOW that what you’ve done has had a lasting impact on him as a young man.  Justice, my 15 y.o. was about 8 y.o. when he first attended Pinkman (camp).  
We’ve tried other establilshments closer to home, however there are none like Pinkman Baseball.  Justice has aspirations to play college baseball.  We trust and believe in the Pinkman Way and will lean to you for guidance in this endeavor. Yes, the first ten minutes of our ride home were reflective and appreciative.  Thank God for men who are caring, sincere and willing to share. We will be making the trek to Dulles for your high quality instruction for both Jordan and Justice.  Even from a distance, you play a crucial role in the development of my 3 sons as they become more confident and skilled baseball players and men. Thank you for all that you do. —Apryl from Upper Marlboro, MD


I just wanted to write and tell you how much my grandson, Noah, got out of your High School pitching class he finished recently. He made his High School JV team, and the head Varsity coach, Frank Werman, who had seen him pitch a couple of times in the Fall (in Babe Ruth) said he notice marked improvement in Noah’s pitching at the tryouts.  He also mentioned that he felt Noah could compete at the Varsity level and said that, if he shows the skill he showed in tryouts during the JV season, he planned to bring him up to pitch on the Varsity during the season.  

I just wanted to thank you for both your great coaching techniques and your individualize instruction with Noah because it really did make a difference in his pitching.  I also wanted to tell you we will be back to see you again and have highly recommended Pinkman to all his teammates.  In addition, I wanted to mention that when Coach Werman and the other coaches met with Noah to tell him he had made the JV squad, he told the other coaches that Pinkman was the place to recommend to their players…I totally agree! — Tim from Falls Church, Va


Just wanted to let you know that I made my JV squad largely based on the strength of my tryout bullpen. I had impeccable command of my fastball with great velocity and a nasty curve with late break. I made lots of improvement during my 9 sessions, and those improvements allowed me to impress the coaches. The head coach told me one on one that he thinks I have the potential to become a starting varsity pitcher by my junior year, if I work hard. That means that I will back sometime soon (if not during the season, definitely the off-season) to get better, because I know I have a long way to go. Thanks again for your help, — John from Alexandria, Va


Thought I would let you know Riley made his H S JV team. He was one of only 3 freshman to make the team. After being cut 3 straight years in middle school he is happy. He threw against 5 batters in an intersquad game and got 5 ground outs. Said he threw almost all strikes. The first thing he asked me after breaking the news was “Dad can I get some Pinkman’s?” While making a pitching motion. Thanks guys — Craig from Mansassas, Va


Just want to thank you for the good start to our winter with the Pinkman Academy. I had quite a few parents mention to me that they felt this winter was going to be extremely helpful to their kid and that they already noticed a difference from the training they had been getting.

My goal is to expose this team and my son to the best professionals possible and to have them grow into fine young men and to be the best ball player they can become. I look forward to working with you all this winter and for many years to come. — Ron from Sterling, Va


Bryan received the JV “Most Improved” award for the season based on his hitting and catching stats for the season. His coaches were so pleased with how much he had improved from last season especially with his hitting…….and…… had he not had a slow start at the plate he would have hit over .400 for the season. They give out three awards for JV and three awards for Varsity at the end of the season and they post them on the web-site under Postseason Honors. The receipients names are a permanent part of the web-site, which is very cool! Bryan was so happy and excited to get the award — Karen from Stafford, Va


Thank you for providing my son Logan with outstanding pitching instruction last winter.  I wish I had brought him to your academy a long time ago.  He had his best pitching season ever and consistently hit the bottom corners and had some off speed pitches when we was ahead in the count.  Thanks to you he surprised a lot of batters and had his best era ever. I learned a lot from you as well.  Best wishes to you and your business. — Matt from Fairfax, Va