As Real as a Video Game Gets!

All Pinkman Academy students will hit a baseball or softball and instantly see the results of the swing. With various MLB parks to choose from, players will immediately see ball exit velocity, launch angle, and how far they hit the ball.






HitTrax brings true educational value to our facility. Comparable to MLB’s Statcast, players can now see in real-time how they are hitting the ball on the ball field inside our academy. Using HitTrax we have transformed your batting cage experience into an immersive tactical learning hub.  During our lessons and camps we can track players improvements instantly viewing their batting average, maximum & average ball exit velocity, batted ball distance, spray charts, and line drive percentage. The HitTrax even calls balls and strikes so players can work on pitch selection and recognition.

During a Pinkman Academy Hitting Lesson players will view their

  • Batting Average
  • Slugging Average
  • Hard Hit Average (percentage of hits within 10% of your max exit velocity)
  • Exit velocity of the ball off the bat
  • Instant Visual and exact distance of hit
  • Launch angle of the ball
  • Pitch velocity
  • Hitting spray chart
  • Batting average per individual section of the strike zone
  • Summary table of stats collected off of a Tee during current and past sessions
  • Summary table of stats collected off of BP session during current and past sessions
  • Print or email all data directly to player and or coach


Learn Quicker With Real Time Feedback Beyond the Cage

As professional baseball educators we know when players are enjoying themselves in a safe environment, they simply learn quicker. Having fun is what the game of baseball is all about. However, as players grow there comes a day when the priority of performance becomes equal in their minds to the enjoyment of the game. HitTrax will provide our players with the best of both worlds.

“Hittrax helped Nathan become from a not so good hitter to a consistently strong hitter.  He made the Vienna All stars this summer and we were all pleasantly surprised that Nathan was one of the consistently strong hitters for the team.  We have you and Hittrax to thank :)” — Julie from Vienna




Click Here to watch more of the HitTrax in action.