Hittrax Batting Workout Classes (10-18 y.o players)

**Ages 8-9 please contact us for approval**

Are you looking for a more productive batting practice? Join our Hitrax Batting Workout Sessions on Sundays. Baseball or Softball can hit within the same session.

Sign up for an active 60-minute hitting workout. This session will combine the use of stretch cords, Hitting Jack-its, weight balls, and lighter and heavier bats to help players become more explosive.

**Be advised — Players will get tired during this session ;)**

We will also use our HitTrax simulator to gage how fast and far players are hitting as a result of the workout.

Hittrax is completely interactive with live game capabilities. Players will hit in the cage and instantly see their exit velocity, the flight of the ball, and the results of their hit……all indoors! Players will experience hitting in their choice of MLB ballparks and immediately see how the ball travels off the bat and view whether it was a hit, out, extra base hit, or even a homerun!


Fee: $45pp






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