Pinkman Lessons**Pinkman Pitching, Hitting, or Catching Lessons, and Strategic Pitching Lessons are taught by Jeff Pinkman, John Pinkman, Matt Germanowski, or Christian Binford.**
Academy Lessons**Academy Pitching Lessons are taught by Pinkman Certified Instructor Jonathan O'Connor. **Academy Hitting Lessons are taught by Jonathan O'Connor and Matt Germanwksi**
Softball Pitching Lessons **Softball Pitching Lessons are taught by Jordan Foster**
How Hittrax can help you. **Click Here to read more about how training with HITTRAX will help your hitter(s)**


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  • Please contact the Pinkmans at 703-661-8586 or info@Pinkman.us should you have any questions about lessons or packages.
  • Individual, Semi-Private, and Small Group Lesson & Package fees apply to Pitching, Hitting, or Catching Instruction
  • In the Spring, Summer, Fall we are available Monday thru Thursday from 5p-9p, & Sundays from 9a-5p. During the Winter we will be available 7 days a week. M-F 5p-9p; Sat 10a-6p; Sun 9a-6p


Are you unable to visit the Pinkman Academy because you live in another state? Click Here to view detailed directions on how to send us a video clip of your throwing motion or swing. Send us your video and we will reply with a full voice over video analysis.



Private Lessons – After the first five private lessons if you feel that you have not received a significant educational experience, 100% of your fees will be returned

Camps – There are no refunds or make up sessions for individual campers after the specific camp begins unless there is a family or medical emergency. One week prior to the start of the camp a full refund  is possible or fees can be transferred to private lessons.

Video Submission- Payment for all video analysis is required in advance and no refund is possible