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Join the thousands of students that have benefited from the instruction John, Jeff, and Patrick have offered since 1992………Read a few of the success stories from students all over the country.

“Voice over videos were above expectations. I believe you can help us achieve our goals”………Bryan from Montreal, Canada

“Time flies this time of year. We were only able to find time to send you one video, but loved the analysis and put it into use today”………Centerport, New York

I tried to book an appointment and it looks like you are jammed….For the price, I can’t beat the three month program”…….Sterling, Va

“Hey Jeff, just want to take a moment and thank you for the great job you are doing for Lucas on the videos . They have been solid analysis and very helpful. We will continue to work on that front arm and also I would like to see him start with his hands a little higher myself. Thanks again!.”…………John from Bedford, Va

The game of baseball and softball should be fun. Repeated failure is not fun. The inability to master fundamental skill is a primary reason that children leave the game. We will provide excellent athletic instruction for all students to succeed, regardless of their current skill level. We target individual needs. Our training drills provide solutions for complete physical, and mental and emotional development. Carry the Pinkman Academy in your pocket and refer to the drills ON DEMAND using the APEX App or web portal.

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--- $60/mth ------$47/mth ------ $35/mth ------ $40 ---
1 month plan2 month plan3 month planOne-Time Fee
1 personalized video analysis each week1 personalized video analysis each week1 personalized video analysis each week1 personalized video analysis
Access to Exclusive Pinkman Training Drills for 1 mthAccess to Exclusive Pinkman Training Drills for 2 mthsAccess to Exclusive Pinkman Training Drills for 3 mthsAccess to Exclusive Pinkman Training Drills for 2 weeks
Free APEX App w/ Unlimited Cloud Storage & self analysis capabilityFree APEX App w/ Unlimited Cloud Storage & self analysis capabilityFree APEX App w/ Unlimited Cloud Storage & self analysis capabilityFree APEX App w/ Unlimited Cloud Storage & self analysis capability
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**Note…The ability to send videos does not carry over (like cell phone minutes from week to week). With every week that goes by so does the ability to send one video. You cannot send four videos during the last week of your subscription.

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Exclusive Pinkman Training Drills

Would you like ON-DEMAND access to just our exclusive Pinkman training drills. The Pinkman Academy takes responsibility for setting
the educational standard for baseball and softball players and coaches. Since 1992 our mission has been to provide consistent, dependable personal service throughout the Northern Virginia area. In our Academy we regularly service players from all over Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, Fauquier County, Stafford County, West Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and beyond. Pinkman On Demand allows us to keep in touch with our students coast to coast, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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Pinkman Drills Only
As low as $10/mth
1mth, 3mth, 6mth & 12mth options
Access to Exclusive Pinkman Training Drills
Free APEX App with Unlimited Cloud Storage and self analysis capability
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“I’ve been teaching Ronnie your techniques this season with my limited time and effort. He had the highest batting average on his team .613 . He also was on fire during playoffs in pitching. Strikeout after strikeout. I know it’s a team effort but the Pinkman techniques really really made the difference for Ronnie’s contribution. I’m not trying to brag about Ronnie but just letting your team know the impact you’ve had”……Ron from California