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Are You A 30 min Coach Or A 60 min Teacher

After being in the baseball business since 2000 we repeatedly get asked if we do 30 min lessons. One of my recent responses to a parent was that 30 min lessons are a colossal waste of time and money. There are times when it can take us 30 mins just to get players warmed up. We.. read more →

29 Jan 2015
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How To Reduce Injuries In Pitchers/Throwers

Although we have been teaching pitching in Northern Virginia since 1992 it wasn’t until the explosion of Travel Baseball in 2000 that we began to notice more players visiting us due to injuries occurring while pitching during games. Between 2000 and 2005 the injuries we began to see were mostly due to improper mechanics, and.. read more →

14 Jan 2015
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Six Ways To Be A Better Coach

While reading Daniel Coyle’s book “The Little Book Of Talent” we came across chapter Tip #42 – Six ways to be a better coach. Coyle’s take on coaching isn’t about having the most information or best strategy as much as explaining to adults how to connect better with their players. While teaching lessons and small.. read more →

08 Jan 2015
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Preparing To Compete

Your starting pitcher walks the first batter. Walks the second one too. He then throws one to the backstop. Trying to find the plate, he takes a lot off his next pitch, which is hit for a double. Several batters later, before you know it, you’re down 4-0. Your pitcher takes the mound in the.. read more →

23 Dec 2014
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5 Musts For Any Athlete

Here is a great piece from DeadRedHitting.com on staying injury free throughout the season. Coach Powers explains how to not only stay injury free but, how to maintain a specific level or performance during that season as well. We always hear players and families “sleeping in” on the weekends, grabbing a quick bite at the.. read more →

19 Dec 2014
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Calling Pitches Should Be A Team Effort

For many years we have enjoyed the debate over who should call pitches – pitchers, catchers, or coaches. Baseball is a team game. Pitching and catching are arguably the most difficult positions to master. Throwing the ball and receiving the ball require unique skills and mental disciplines. When, where, how, and why to throw a.. read more →

15 Dec 2014
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Water or Energy Drinks?? OR Beetroot juice!?!?

For years we have expressed that water, for baseball players, is better than sports drinks. With the exception of the pitcher and catcher most baseball players don’t exert massive amounts of energy. They don’t burn calories as a soccer or basketball player would. With the rise of “energy” drinks like Red Bull, 5 hour Energy,.. read more →

11 Dec 2014
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Use Video To Help Improve Over The Winter

JC Video Systems, Inc. is a digital video analysis system that is absolutely magnificent. Whether the images are taken by video camera, iPhone, iPad, or GoPro the system is easy to use, portable, and very useful. Visit the App Store on your iPhone or iPad to download JC Video’s Digital Mirror Mobile. Back in 2002.. read more →

08 Dec 2014
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Darth Vader’s Best Coaching Technique

Tom Hanson is one of the best Sport Psychologists in the game today. He earned his Ph.D. in sport psychology from the University of Virginia. His career highlights include: Full-time Performance Enhancement director for the New York Yankees Performance Enhancement Consultant for the Texas Rangers Performance Enhancement services for Anaheim Angels & Minnesota Twins Head.. read more →

05 Dec 2014
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What Is The Most Dangerous Position in Baseball?

Is it the Catcher? No. Third Base? Guess again. A pitcher in the aluminum bat world? Close! All equally dangerous, but there is one more that is much more likely to injure players and coaches!……..It’s the pitcher/thrower tossing BP behind the L screen. It has been our direct experience that the most severe accidents that.. read more →

01 Dec 2014
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