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Q: Why don’t more high school players play college ball?

A: Because they act like high school players. 3% of High School players move on to play in college. College players are different. It is your job as a high school student athlete to find out what different things college players do. Go visit a college practice. College coaches by nature want to compare you.. read more →

24 Nov 2014
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The Difference Between Trying And Doing

Recently Jeff attended a Platform Conference in Colorado Springs. At the conference one of the keynote speakers was Michael Hyatt. Recently on Michael’s blog he spoke about the difference between trying and doing. For many years John, Jeff, and Pat have spoken to players that “trying” really only leaves the door open for failure and.. read more →

19 Nov 2014
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Take The Time To Find The Problem

Accuracy is everything in pitching. So many of us spend long hours working with pitchers on their location. Every now and then (which seems to come more often) we scratch our heads while working with a pitcher who has great mechanics but just can’t seem to throw the ball where he wants. First we video.. read more →

17 Nov 2014
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14 Nov 2014
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