Our Softball Pitching Lessons will consist of the Pinkman Academy’s core values of building relationships, mental preparation, mechanics, tactics, athleticism, nutrition, and leadership. Jordan Foster will include everything families have come to expect from the Pinkman Family and create a significant learning experience improving your child’s game performance.

Just as with our Baseball Pitching Instruction our goal is to help you “Find The Problem…Before Providing the Solution”. Your expectations of the Pinkman Academy should be simple and basic….FIX MY PROBLEM. That is our mission. Through our coaching experience we see many people who are trying one solution after another to fix their pitching problem without any real concept of what the problem is. At Pinkman, our first priority is to identify problems in pitching mechanics to help you create a more consistent and reliable throwing motion.

Using our experience and teaching skills through video analysis we will identify and fix your pitching problem. If we determine that medical intervention is appropriate, we will work with your doctor or refer you to a sports medicine specialist with a specific biomechanical diagnosis for your pain. In some cases with acute arm pain the elimination of a biomechanical cause assists the medical professionals with their diagnosis. Pinkman has several ways to provide the solution for your throwing motion and/or sore arm pain. Schedule an appointment or contact us via email or phone so we can help provide a solution to your issues.

As it’s always been our policy, if after your time with us you feel our staff did not provide a valuable educational experience toward your ballplayer’s goals we will refund your fee.

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The 5 “Ps” of a Perfect Pitch

The softball pitch can be tough to learn – and even harder to control – without breaking it down into manageable pieces. At Pinkman, we’ll work with you to master the following five skills that every successful pitcher has in her arsenal:
1. Purpose
Every part of your motion – from start to finish – should drive you to your desired target.
2. Posture
It’s important to “stay tall” and keep your shoulders neutral to avoid altering your release point.
3. Plane
Keeping your arm in a tight circle (avoiding “crazy arm”) through the motion is critical to throwing predictably.
4. Push 
For softball players, pitching speed comes from the legs! We will work on maximizing the power from your lower half to help you throw with both velocity and accuracy.
5. Position
Following through by driving your throwing hip at the catcher not only gives your pitch that last bit of “oomph,” but puts you in an excellent position to field a batted ball.

Softball Pitching Lessons

Private1 - 60 min Lesson $70
Semi-Private (2)1 - 60 min Lesson$50/player


Softball Pitching Lesson Packages

ActivityDescriptionPackage Fee
ActivityDescriptionPackage Fee
5 Lesson Package5 - 60 min Lesson $325
Semi-Private (2)5 - 60 min Lesson$250/player

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