Please Note:

There are no refunds or makeups for any classes missed. We will offer makeup a opportunity or Pinkman lesson credit only for classes missed due to injury**


Our half-day camps are intended for baseball and softball players ages 7-18


2022 Camp Sessions:

  • Half-Day Hitting Camp (Ages 8-14) · June 13-June 16 · 9am-noon
  • Half-Day Hitting Camp (Ages 8-14) · June 20-June 23 · 9am-noon
  • Half-Day Hitting Camp (Ages 8-14) · June 20-June 23 · 1pm-4pm
  • Rookie Ball (Ages 6-7) · June 27-June 30 · 9am-noon
  • Senior Hitting Camp (Ages 12-18) · June 27-June 30 · 1pm-4pm
  • Half-Day Hitting Camp (Ages 8-14) · July 11-July 14 · 9am-noon
  • Half-Day Hitting Camp (Ages 8-14) · July 18-July 21 · 9am-noon
  • Half-Day Pitching Camp (Ages 10-14) · July 18-July 21 · 1pm-4pm
  • Half-Day Hitting Camp (Ages 8-14) · July 25-July 28 · 9am-noon
  • Half-Day Pitching Camp (Ages 10-14) · August 1-August 4 · 1pm-4pm
  • Rookie Ball (Ages 6-7) · August 8-August 11 · 9am-noon
  • Half-Day Senior Hitting Camp (Ages 12-18) · August 8-August 11 · 1pm-4pm
  • Half-Day Hitting Camp (Ages 8-14) · August 15-August 18 · 9am-noon

About Summer Baseball & Softball Camps

  • Monday-Thursday at Pinkman Academy
  • Based on the session, we will review hitting, throwing, and fielding mechanics
  • Heavy concentration on drill work to improve consistency and power!

The In-Game Experience

Players will learn how to make adjustments at the plate during daily live HitTrax situational hitting games in order to become a more productive offensive player. Similar to Top Golf and indoor golf simulators, this unbelievable technology will help our students visualize and understand hitting instruction in a visceral experience.

Improving Movement, Balance & Reaction Time

Each of our summer camps will involve a heavy dose of sports vision training drills to help players make faster decisions, read balls and strikes better, and develop more confidence when hitting, pitching, and fielding.

Sports vision training is an aspect of athletic performance training that is overlooked by many athletes, coaches, and professional trainers. Sports are decided by split-second decisions. Your road to becoming an elite athlete begins with maximizing ALL aspects of your game. The vast majority of athletes do not know that you’re able to train your mind to see fast and react quicker. Training your brain to see faster, the same way you train your body to perform better, gives you the competitive edge that elite athletes possess.


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