Video Analysis

Find The Problem…Before you Provide the Solution

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Your expectations of the Pinkman Academy should be simple and basic….FIX MY PROBLEM. That is our mission. Over the 20+ years of providing private instruction and performing video analysis using the JC Video Analyzer we see families who have tried one school after another without any concept of what the problem is. At the Pinkman Academy our first priority is to identify problems in pitching or throwing mechanics which may cause persistent arm pain. While we have rarely seen injuries when batters are at the plate we also provide swing analysis too.

Using our experience and teaching skills we will identify and fix your problem. If we determine that medical intervention is appropriate, we’ll work with your doctor or refer you to a baseball sports medicine specialist with a specific biomechanical diagnosis for your pain. In cases which players may experience acute arm pain the elimination of biomechanical issues will assist medical professionals with their diagnosis.

Until you take action to find the problem, you are only wasting precious career time and experimenting with solutions. The Pinkman Academy has several ways to provide the solution for your throwing motion or sore arm pain. Contact us via email or phone so we can help provide a solution to your issues.