Winter Pitching Classes

High School Pitching, Offspeed, or Pickoff Classes

Our 1-hr “drop-in” style Winter Pitching Classes will focus on making mechanical adjustments; introducing and improving on Off-Speed Pitches; and/or developing and refining RHP and LHP Pickoff moves. Players may attend one or several of the classes offered, there is no long-term commitment. Classes will begin at the start of December and run through February.

These new Winter Pitching Classes are designed to provide players the opportunity to learn new skills or to fine-tune their existing abilities in a small group environment to prepare for the start of the high school season on February 20th. We have created these drop-in style, small group (4 players max), classes to allow players who attend our camps or private lessons the chance to take part in a second or third development opportunity with us during the week to enhance their training.

Our Winter Pitching Classes also serve as make-up opportunities for players who miss High School Winter Workout or High School Prep Camp sessions.

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**Purchased Winter Pitching Classes  expire on Feb 20**

DecemberTues 8p & Thurs 8pBOOK NOW
January Tues 8p & Thurs 8pBOOK NOW
FebruaryTues 8p & Thurs 8pBOOK NOW

High School Pitching Classes (ages 13-18)

Ideal for players looking to refine their mechanics, discuss in-game pitching strategies, and create a multi-day throwing routine. This class will also provide players additional opportunities to throw during the indoor only cold weather days the winter presents.

Single Class - $505 Pack - $225

Off-speed Classes (ages 13-18)

Will introduce, maintain, and refine the development of Change-ups, Cut-Fastballs, and Curveballs.

January and FebruarySaturdaysTBA

Pickoff Classes (ages 13-18)

Introduce and improve on RHP’s and LHP’s pickoff moves to first and second base.**Left Handed Pitchers who have never worked with us on their pickoff move**….this is the perfect opportunity to learn the controversial (yet effective!!) 45* pickoff move performed by Julio Urias of the LA Dodgers.

Dec 15, 2018Saturday 5pBOOK NOW
Jan 12, 2019Saturday 5pBOOK NOW
Feb 9, 2019Saturday 5pBOOK NOW

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