Our recommended aces in the sports community



“Baseball is 90% mental – the other half is physical.” 
– Yogi Berra


In 1989, Harvey Dorfman and Karl Kuehl published their wildly successful book, The Mental Game of Baseball, which outlines actionable psychological techniques ballplayers can use to improve their game. The importance of the “mental game” (also known as “sports psychology) in baseball and softball performance has garnered attention in recent years through the examples of athletes and coaches like Sue Enquist,  Anthony Rizzo, Montana Fouts, Aaron Judge, and more.

Below are members of the #PinkmanFamily who can help you ensure your mental game matches your physical game:


Major League Mindset with Brandon Guyer

Brandon Guyer is a 7-year Major League Baseball veteran and former Pinkman Academy student! In 2 short months, go through a proven system with Brandon’s online training program – that has helped countless youth, high school, college, and pro-bound players develop the mindset and mental skills needed to unlock their true potential!


TMG: The Mental Game with Dr. Michelle Bryant

Softball players, look no further for a skull session than Dr. Michelle Bryant, Director of Travel Teams for Herndon Reston Youth Softball and head coach of the 12U Rogue team. Dr. Bryant studied Human Factors and Applied Cognition at North Carolina State University, and works with young athletes (with a special focus on softball players) to discover themselves, prepare their minds for competition, and unlock their next levels of performance. Also available for team clinics.


 High Performance Coaching and Consulting with Jose Salazar

Now offering a four-week program:
The Mental Aspects of Baseball

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands? It is not because of what you’re doing, but what you are not doing. Learning how to find your dreams and having the tools to reach them is key. Through evocative coaching, Jose Salazar helps people like you. Once you learn to overcome and manage your fears, self doubts and limitations, you will unlock a whole new life that you will love living. 



“Being challenged is inevitable. Being defeated is optional.”
– Roger Crawford

As with all sports, playing baseball and softball presents some risk of injury. It is important to pay attention to your body and investigate any pain or injury beyond normal “soreness.”

Physical therapy is an allied health profession that promotes, maintains, and restores optimal physical health  through physical examination, diagnosis, and, if necessary, rehabilitation. Common reasons baseball and softball players visit physical therapists include elbow and shoulder pain (such as rotator cuff injuries or Tommy John rehabilitation), tendinitis, and ligament damage (such as ACL or LCL tears/surgical recovery), among others.

Below are our recommended #PinkmanFamily members who can help you bounce back better after a sports injury:


MAC Physical Therapy Group

21620 Ridgetop Circle, Suite 180
Sterling, VA 20166

MAC Physical Therapy Group was designed to improve that by addressing the holistic needs of the individual and help them achieve and surpass their current goals. We will combine physical therapy, personal training and group exercise programs into one facility to provide what is best for our clients.


Raymond Thal, M.D.

Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery

Dr. Thal performs surgery at Reston Surgery Center, Surgical Specialty Center of Mid-Atlantic, and Reston Hospital Center

Dr. Thal is an orthopaedic surgeon, sub-specializing in sports medicine & arthroscopic surgery.   He is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) and has earned the distinguished Subspecialty Certification in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (CAQSM).  Through his renowned career, Dr. Thal has been recognized as a leader in orthopaedic sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery, specializing in shoulder, knee & elbow injuries and disorders.  He has been an orthopaedic consultant for numerous professional, collegiate, and scholastic teams, including serving as the Head Team physician for the Washington Commanders (formerly Washington Redskins) from 2000-2008.


“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” 
– Henry David Thoreau

Sports are decided by split-second decisions. Your road to becoming an elite athlete begins with maximizing ALL aspects of your game.

The vast majority of athletes do not know that you’re able to train your mind to see fast and react quicker. Training your brain to see faster, the same way you train your body to perform better, gives you the competitive edge that elite athletes possess. Pinkman Academy stays ahead of the technological curve with sports vision resources, including state-of-the-art Senaptec strobe glasses .

Below is our recommended #PinkmanFamily member who can ensure your vision is in competitive shape and maximize your ability to efficiently process the visual field and stimuli:


Keith Smithson, O.D.

Northern Virginia Doctors of Optometry

Seeing patients in Alexandria, VA and Reston, VA

Dr. Smithson is the Director of Visual Performance for the Washington Nationals, the team Optometrist for the Washington Wizards, Spirit, Mystics and D.C. United, and Sports Vision Consultant for the Washington Redskins and Washington Capitals. Dr. Smithson offers sports vision consultations for serious athletes of all ages who are seeking an extra edge in athletic performance through vision enhancement. He also conducts visual and perceptual testing for children experiencing difficulty in school, and for adults with computer vision eyestrain or focusing problems.