“The Pinkmans offer what is simply the highest-quality instruction in the area, and I know of no one who works harder at equipping their program with the latest – and best – information and technology. It will be a real pleasure to work with them and their students this off-season.”

Mike Elias

EVP & General Manager; Former Pinkman Student, Baltimore Orioles

“Beckett came up to me last night and said “Just that one session with Pinkman made a huge difference.  All the pitchers love me.  I’m their favorite catcher.”  Not only did he throw somebody out at second last night (that was not on the game plan, but hey…), but he called timeout to tell his pitcher that he wasn’t following through properly.  That pitcher told the other pitchers how Beckett helped him out. He was already walking with a swagga, but, hey, I guess catchers need to be oozing with confidence!”

Kit · Leesburg, VA

“I think John and his family do a wonderful job of promoting baseball and pitching in the Virginia area. John is always one to look for new and innovative ways to better the game, and implements those ideas into making his academy a better place to train. The Pinkman family truly has the players’ best interests at heart, and it is without hesitation that I recommend Pinkman Baseball Academy.”

Derek Johnson

Pitching Coach, Cincinnati Reds

“John Pinkman is a special person and friend! Thank you for all that you and your sons are doing to help send more players to college.”

Pat McMahon

International Player Development Coordinator, New York Yankees

“The facility is safe and clean. I noticed they have installed massive air purifiers that run all night. My daughter has made great improvements working with Jeff Pinkman in her batting. We just started training with Matt, who we will be back to see. She gained so much in the hour he spent with her. Both trainers have baseball experience and plenty of knowledge in softball. I am always impressed with the plethera of information I learn while I’m there. On my daughter’s new team, everyone has asked me where she trains, I have nothing but good things to say about the facility.”

Catina · Reston, VA

“Jeff and Jordan are both very knowledgeable coaches who are great at choosing specific drills to address individual swing problems. They explain swing motions clearly, emphasizing the intention behind each drill rather than just swinging for reps. They use instruction and technology together to help me improve my swing and hit harder and more consistently. I would recommend Pinkman to all softball and baseball players!”

Clare Fortier

Infielder, Class of 2025, University of Chicago

“My 8-year-old has been working with Brian on batting and his confidence has grown, his technique is improved and he’s hitting after a slump. We are very happy!”

Kelly · Laurel, MD

“Pinkman Baseball is, without a doubt one of the top baseball instructional facilities in the country. As a player and now as a coach, I have had the opportunity to learn from John, Jeff, and Pat. Their instruction has exposed me to a compassionate yet aggressive way of teaching baseball, and I hope to reflect their techniques in my own coaching style. What clearly separates Pinkman Baseball from other instructional facilities is their true desire to continue learning and growing as coaches. By continuing to learn and adapt to the changes in baseball instruction, Pinkman Baseball will always be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide their clients with the safest, most current and most effective instruction. I would not think twice about endorsing and recommending Pinkman Baseball to a player at any level, little league, high school, college, or professional.”

Taylor Childress

Former Pitching Coach, Trevecca Nazarene University, Trinity University

“Pinkman Academy is the premier instructional academy in the country. Not only do you get first-rate professional instruction, but they are one of the few places I’ve dealt with that is genuinely concerned with the individual. You will walk away from Pinkman a complete pitcher who will be ready for the next level.”

Tom Walter

Head Baseball Coach, Wake Forest

“The Pinkman Academy has been my home since I was twelve years old. Coaches Jeff Pinkman and Jordan Foster are the reason I’m the athlete I am today. They helped me during my journey through the recruiting process. I committed to play softball in college because of their help. They inspire me to share my knowledge of baseball/softball and instruct just like them.”

Mackenzie Swanson, Infielder

Class of 2026, Virginia Wesleyan University

“Thanks for keeping our guys up on the new ideas of coaching (pitching). You have created a special academy.”

Tom Holliday

Manager, Chatham Anglers, Former Head Baseball Coach, Oklahoma State University

“I wanted to thank you for the great experience you gave my son Aiden at hitting camp. He hasn’t been this excited about baseball ever. He finished the season on a high note, but you took his confidence to an all time high. I wish I could have been there to learn and listen myself, but I am also glad I wasn’t so he had the opportunity to learn from someone other than Dad. I think there was some weird lefty connection, too. He wanted to go outside and hit every day after I got home from work to show me what he learned. I have been talking to our coach about trying to get the whole team with you at the beginning of the fall season as well.”

Mike · Winchester, VA

“I just wanted to let you know that the season has started and Joe’s team is 3-0. The hitting camp that we attended over the winter has done wonders for his swing and confidence. Last season ( Fall 2017) Joe went the first 7 games without a hit. So far this season he has gone 4-4 in all three games and had two doubles last game.  This is a tremendous improvement from last season.”

Scott · Ashburn, VA

“I am very impressed with the Pinkman Academy program. You offer your players a wonderful environment to develop their baseball skills. Your team provides tremendous enthusiasm, outstanding knowledge, and a first rate facility. The personal attention and concern you provide your athletes is very unique.”

Ray Thal, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon & Medical Device Innovator, Town Center Orthopaedic Associates

Highly recommend for softball and baseball instruction! My son attended a pitching camp last winter led by Coach Jeff. Coach Jeff taught him all the basics of pitching mechanics. The slow motion video was so helpful, and Coach was really able to break it down in a way my son could understand and repeat. Since then we’ve followed up with a few private lessons and my son continues to improve. We’ve also been to the academy for hitting lessons for both my son and my daughter, who plays travel softball. With their help, my son went from hitting grounders in the infield to hitting more line drives to the outfield. My daughter took her hitting up a notch and hit her first out of the park homer after I think just one lesson. The HitTrax system is a great tool that helps capture metrics and track progress. It motivated the kids to do better. We’re also familiar with Coach Jordan. She taught my daughter how to pitch when she first started years ago. Based on our experience, I highly recommend her for younger softball pitchers. She’s a great mentor for the girls. The whole staff are enthusiastic about the game and helping players improve physically and mentally.”

Wendy · Herndon, VA

“Thanks for your continued support of Harvard Baseball. Keep sending those great pitchers up! Pinkman Baseball has got to be the ‘Harvard of Baseball Schools!’”

Joe Walsh (1954-2012)

Former Head Baseball Coach, Harvard University

“Pinkman Academy’s participation in cutting edge technology and continuous desire to stay abreast of most recent information that can be used to further the science and art of coaching pitchers is really appreciated.”

Gordon Alderink

Former Pitching Coach, Current Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, Grand Valley State University