Softball instruction is conducted by Jeff Pinkman, Jordan Foster, and
Jess Rinehold


The Pinkman Academy offers a full array of softball pitching and hitting instruction.

Families have come to rely on the Pinkman Academy for professional instruction that produces results. As teaching professionals we gather and share the best information available, educate players, and improve their experience in the game. We invest in technology and advanced training for the sole purpose of bringing you the best training available. The bottom line is always about producing results.

      Softball Pitching

      At Pinkman, our priority is to identify problems in pitching mechanics to create a more consistent and reliable throwing motion. Softball pitching lessons consist of the Pinkman Academy’s core values of building relationships, mental preparation, mechanics, tactics, athleticism, nutrition, and leadership. Jordan Foster and Jess Rinehold will include everything families have come to expect from the Pinkman Family and create a significant learning experience by improving your athlete’s game performance.

      Each pitching lesson at the Pinkman Academy will include a full voice-over video pitching analysis, as well as measuring pitch speed via radar at appropriate intervals.

      Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors will work to fine-tune your technique to improve:

      • Accuracy
      • Velocity
      • Consistency
      • Pitch variety
      • Mental game

        Softball Hitting

        Tom House once said at our Dulles Academy “a pitcher’s worst nightmare is when a player’s bat is on the same plane as the pitcher’s ball.”

        In 2004, we discovered there are two styles of hitting:  1) “hands to the ball, swing down” approach; and 2) a stronger, more consistent and professional-style hitting approach. The first style teaches you to swing down on the ball to avoid hitting a fly ball or pop-up, and this swing is thought to be the most popular in Little League and softball. The second style (adopted by professionals, NCAA, and Olympic softball hitters) teaches athletes to match the plane of their swings to the plane of the oncoming pitch. This maximizes the opportunity for the energy produced by the batter to be redirected back into the ball.

        Every softball student who attends a hitting lesson at the Pinkman Academy will receive a full voice-over video analysis of their swing and use our Hittrax batting simulator. Hittrax measures real-time data (ball exit velocity, launch angle, and distance) displaying live results for immediate feedback. We will then analyze key performance metrics to identify your patterns before stepping onto the softball field.

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