Complete Catcher Training

Our Academy Mission to train all aspects of baseball athletic skill: fundamentals, handling pressure, learning strategy and tactics, athleticism, nutrition and the athletic values of leadership are vital in training baseball catchers.

We cover all fundamental catching position skills plus leadership, command presence, and communicating with and understanding pitchers. Players cannot become great catchers without understanding competitive pitching and pitchers.

Join us and see what is possible!

Catching is much more than blocking and throwing to 2nd!

Eliminating the fear of becoming injured is a main focus of our basic baseball catching instruction. Learning how to catch and block the ball is certainly a priority. However, if a child is afraid, the learning process is compromised. Therefore we use softer baseballs so no danger or risk is present. As a result a youth catcher learns the necessary skills in less time without the fear of making a mistake and becoming injured.

    Catchers throw more balls in one game than most pitchers – way more!

    Training, protecting, and conditioning a baseball catcher’s arm is extremely important. Basic throwing mechanics are a must. A catcher throws twice as far to second base than the pitcher does to home; but must do that quicker with the same strike zone.

    Catchers lose more game in the 6th & 7th innings than any other position

    Failing to hold a strike in the strike zone that results in more walks, failing to block balls, dropping balls when tagging runners at home, inability to field bunts, and make good throws are most often the result of fatigue. Out of shape and tired catchers lose games.

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