New Students:

We enjoy speaking with families prior to enrolling in to one of our programs. If you have questions we encourage you to call us at 703.661.8586 or email before making your first appointment or registering for a camp. If you are prepared to schedule with us please click on the “Book a Lesson” button.

Private Lessons, Camps, and Classes can be scheduled using our online scheduling system or by downloading our scheduling app below. . **Please create a profile for yourself and then add you son or daughter as a FAMILY MEMBER on the right side of the Profile page.**

Lesson Information & Fees
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How to schedule Semi-Private & Small Group Lessons

The Pinkman Academy offers semi-private & small group lessons however, it is the responsibility of the attending parties to organize the second student and/or third student to complete your group. Please call or email to organize your Semi-Private or Small Group sessions. You can view available times for Semi-Private Lessons through the booking system, but you cannot book them online. Please do not book Private Lessons and bring two players. We prefer each student have their own lesson history.


Pinkman Instruction

Students’ Needs Vary

  • Beginning Pitching/Hitting/Catching
  • Entering Little League
  • All Star Preparation
  • Adjusting to the 90-foot game
  • JV and Varsity Preparation
  • College Bound

Athletic Values

The Pinkman Academy believes in the honor, heritage, and dignity of the game. Our instruction includes carry-away values of dependability, self-confidence, poise, responsibility, and the importance of family.

The Pinkman Academy will:

  • Train and educate you as a student athlete.
  • Teach the concept of – LEARNING HOW TO LEARN.
  • Instill the values of: Honor, dignity, respect, confidence, responsibility, dependability, trust and friendship.
  • Provide a professional educational environment where the well being of your body is the first priority.
  • Work hard to make baseball fun – baseball is a game.
  • Respect you as an individual and an athlete.
  • Commit to enhancing the parent-child relationship through baseball.
  • Create a significant learning experience where you will see improvement in your game performance and as student of the game.

If after the initial five private lessons you do not believe that this was a valuable education we will refund your fee.

Student Athletes are expected to:

  • Arrive on time. We cannot extend lesson time.
  • Aggressively Ask questions. Please do not passively accept what is said in class – especially if it is not clear to you.
  • Practice new skills at home between lessons.
  • Dress as a professional. Please wear our work out shirts, a clean game hat, and baseball pants. Gym shorts are suggested in the summer. However, long basketball and jean shorts will limit your ability to move.
  • Inform us if you are unexpectedly hurt prior to the lesson. We understand injury. Please do not play in pain. We will cover different material that day that will not affect your injury.
  • Consider your parents as assistant coaches and our guests. They are to be treated with respect and courtesy at all times. If you do not treat them this way, expect the lesson to stop immediately so the situation can be clarified.
  • Speak with proper language. Profanity is unacceptable. It shows a limited vocabulary and an inability to select words.

When a player is accepted into our program he/she is expected to become a positive role model for younger players. Should you at any time act in a manner that brings dishonor to your family, your school, your team, or yourself, you may be terminated from our program. All fees will be forfeited and you agree to reimburse the money to your parents as a consequence.


Current Students

If you have attended lessons or camps with the Pinkman Academy you should already have a player profile with us. Click on the “Book a Lesson” button below to access your player profile and create a login for your account.

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Cancellation Policy

Please allow 24 hours notice for cancellations. We ask that you only schedule a lesson for a time that you are positive you can attend. We do not accept “Penciled in” or tentative appointments.

Same day cancellation requires 50% fee. Injuries, Illness, or Rescheduled games are the only exceptions.

Cancelling Lessons due to “Last minute” scheduled practices requires 50% Fee.

No show/forgotten requires 100% fee

**Please note that once your lessons are confirmed you will not be able to cancel the lesson through the online booking system. Please contact us at 703-661-8586 or at should you need to reschedule or cancel any lesson.**

To make scheduling even easier download our Pinkman Scheduling app!