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Find the problem…Before you provide the solution.

Your expectations of the Pinkman Academy should be simple and basic….FIX MY PROBLEM. That is our mission. Through our coaching experience we see many people who are trying one solution after another  to fix their pitching problem without any real concept of what the problem is. At Pinkman, our first priority is to identify problems in pitching mechanics or causes for persistent arm pain.

Using our experience and teaching skills through video analysis we will identify and fix your pitching problem. Using new school technologies we will introduce a systematic approach towards helping your son or daughter understand how to use their body to throw more accurately, faster, and develop an improved sense of confidence on the mound. Our instructors will enhance Mental Preparation Skills, develop  

If we determine that medical intervention is appropriate, we will work with your doctor or refer you to a sports medicine specialist with a specific biomechanical diagnosis for your pain. In some cases with acute arm pain the elimination of a biomechanical cause assists the medical professionals with their diagnosis.

Until you take action to find the problem, you are only wasting precious career time and experimenting with solutions. Pinkman has several ways to provide the solution for your throwing motion or sore arm pain. Contact us via email or phone so we can help provide a solution to your issues.

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6 Aspects of Throwing

The Pinkman Academy will define and teach the throwing motion in 6 categories.

Beginning/Core Balance

  • Keeping the body strong and stable at the start of the leg kick to balance point

Moving Balance

  • Maintaining stability so the head and shoulders stay over the hips and the pitcher’s posture remains athletic, strong, and on target

Equal and Opposite

  • Create a rhythmic and synchronized arm swing; extending the arms at the same time, in the same motion, with the elbows matching up in the exact identical position at foot strike

Hip and Shoulder Separation

  • The legs and the hips are the driving force behind power and explosiveness to the plate. If the hips cannot separate from the shoulders no torque can be created to rotate the shoulders around to externally rotate the throwing arm providing whip in the throwing motion

Firm Glove Side

  • The glove hand upon foot strike should be stabilized and strong in front of the chest so that both arms can work together to create a strong and natural arm slot at release. (Do you ever wonder why players drop their elbow when they throw?? A weak glove side or a pulling glove side also pulls the throwing arm down upon release.)

Follow Through

  • Players should be capable of balancing on their front leg after ball release. Players should finish with their heads over their front foot and their momentum continuing towards their target. The back should be flat and the back leg should lift straight up behind them.

Since 1992, the Pinkman Academy has used these 6 categories to lay the foundation for developing strong, healthy, and confident throwers ranging in age from 6 to 81 years young.

The Pinkman Academy family has produced a learning system that will allow all types of throwers to understand how to use their body more efficiently to achieve the desired short and long term goals of making the All-Star Team, Travel ball club, the local high school team, or play at the elite and national level of college or professional baseball.

Let the #PinkmanFamily turn the dream of playing at the next level a reality. Call or email us to set up your first lesson.

Private Lessons, Semi-Private Lessons and small group Camps are run in our Dulles facility all days of the week.

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Are you unable to visit the Pinkman Academy because you live in another state? Click Here to view detailed directions on how to send us a video clip of your throwing motion or swing. Send us your video and we will reply with a full voice-over video analysis.


CLICK HERE to see videos of our Throwing Drills. You can also find before and after video pitching and hitting clips of students.