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Parenting an Athlete

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Who Do You Get The Truth From?

John Pinkman 

Trust is contingent on truth.  People grow or change because of a new truth source. You may also call that education. We cannot accept examples of fabricated stories or information without facts or evidence… [Read More]

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John Pinkman 

In sports, there are only two choices: you choose to become a leader or choose to be a teammate. There is no third choice. Apathy does not exist (for long) in sports. Leadership is a combination of words and deeds… [Read More]

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John Pinkman 


The Talent Code

John Pinkman
March 19, 2018

Winning teams only have two resources: the selection of players with superior skills, and the ability to instruct players to perform at a higher skill level. At Pinkman Academy we focus on teaching. We require of ourselves a continual commitment to improve our own personal knowledge and teaching skill… [Read More]

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Traits of Successful Athletes

John Pinkman
October 30, 2016

We teach leadership. It is important to teach athletic leadership skills rather than assume that children will casually absorb them by osmosis. Part of the instruction is identifying character traits of successful leaders. Three of the most important are integrity, trust and loyalty. [Read More]

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